No Nonsense guide to Copenhagen

A real solution demands actual cuts in emissions via a green new deal that would reduce emissions and create ‘1 million new jobs’, affordable public transport, promotion of more economic localisation (for example more local businesses mean less commuting), insulation, organic agriculture (factory farming and non organic is very energy intensive), war is very energy intensive as well, so policies for peace reduce emissions more than low energy light bulbs.

In short Copenhagen (though this is very unlikely) needs to shift from carbon trading to practical policies to promote renewables, etc and needs to be based on climate justice with wealthy countries cutting emissions more.

The cuts needed are likely to be 80% but far from being sacrifices they would improve life and strenghten the economy, for example, by reducing our dependancy on oil. It is also vitally important that rainforests that act as carbon sinks are preserved this should mean leaving them in the hands of indigenous and other local people not privatising them.

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