The New Decembrists. Reform from within

new decembrists

Unlike the rabble-rousers in the previous post, The New Decembrists seeks social, legal, and economic justice by working within the system and reforming it. It was started by financial insider Epicurean Dealmaker and named after an Imperial Russian Guard revolt in 1825.

The loyal soldiers who became know as the Decembrists held many divergent views, and they cannot be said to have pursued a unified program of change. However, they were united by two fundamental beliefs: they wished to increase social, legal, and economic justice; and they wished to change the existing Russian political system through reform, not revolution.

This looks to be a promising blog. As for the eternal debate on the left about reform vs. revolution, I don’t much care. The important thing now is that everyone work and organize in their own way towards ending the death grip the banksters have on DC and our democracy. That’s the real task at hand.

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