Cop Out Camp Out in Trafalgar Square

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Climate Camp occupies Trafalgar Square to protest against the corporation-friendly ‘solutions’ to climate change that will be touted at the COP 15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

Camp Out Why

Because the failing UNFCCC talks in Copenhagen are at best planning false solutions to climate change like carbon trading. If the government and corporations get their way, then the next crisis won’t be financial. It will be much worse. The stupidity of total trust in markets will only bring catastrophe.

London Indymedia

The camp site is purposefully in plain view of Parliament in order to criticise the “elitist and undemocratic talks in Copenhagen” which they say are “part of a political and economic system that put corporate profits before the needs of people.” Instead they urge “system change, not climate change” as opposed to the false solutions of carbon trading.

It is lunacy to assume that yet another market-driven solution, this time cap-and-trade, will somehow lead to less carbon being emitted. Such a system can easily be gamed, is filled with loopholes, with too much of the process being unverifiable. Instead, we need government mandated and enforced carbon limits, with subsidies to develop new technologies.

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