Bikini baristas

Best tv segment of bikini baristas:

Quickie records pop punk tribute to bikini baristas:

Pretty in Pink owners stiff bikini barristas:

My thoughts:

First: They aren’t wearing “bikinis” — they are wearing underwear. Some of the bras are see-through, and the women are required by their employers to wear pasties underneath to cover their nipples. The difference between bikini and underwear is subtle and psychological, perhaps — but a woman dressed in a bikini is *dressed* for swimming and sunbathing at the beach — and a woman wearing only underwear is *undressed* and exposing herself.

Second: One feminist line of thinking: As long as a woman *chooses* her profession, that choice is to be respected. However, often young women “choose” this line of work because they have received a poor education and have limited opportunities. Thus, they are required to rely on their youth and appearance. What I discovered from auditing strip clubs: the average age of women beginning as exotic dancers is 18-1/2. Many are underage when they start in this line of work. They are subject to rampant exploitation and extortion — required to heavily tip the DJ’s in order to be called up to stage to dance, required to tip the doormen to gain entrance to the club and for “protection”. They are not employees, but must pay “rent” to the club — therefore they receive no employee benefits, including workers compensation. They pay club fines for small infractions in behavior. They are relatively naive and powerless compared to the power and expertise of the business owner. The business owner makes vastly more money than the dancers.

Third: Another feminist line of thinking: Any profession based on selling one’s body, instead of selling one’s product — is inherently degrading and demeaning. And isn’t that the point of bikini baristas? The product has two components: espresso with a side of erotica. Percolation & peep show. Brew & burlesque. As one patron put it — an attractive package for what is already overpriced.

Fourth: How safe can it be, wearing only underwear in close proximity to steaming water?

(Also, Some of the women were offering to drop their bikini bottoms for $15 which makes it a peep show and thus does border on prostitution — Bob)

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