Legoland and the far left


Dave Riley has a thoughtful essay on the tendency of the far left to build castles of rhetoric based on their interpretation of Marxism and to defend it against all other factions.

The complication being that inasmuch as you are isolated from the main business of society you tend to enclose and turn inwards as much with your outlook as your language.In part this explains some of the inability to win an argument on the far left because to concede one point here and there may bring down the whole house of cards.Rather than allow that to happen, many groups will establish shibboleths in order to defend their conceptual identity from all comers.

Part of this is ideological blinders. Part is a desire to, in capitalist terms, build a brand that will attract new recruits. This definitely get way detached from the stated goal of organizing and fomenting change

Templated first in a mindset and imposed on reality via so many schemata that it is now so very difficult to grasp the living real world because there is so much cant in the way.

Read the whole thing. It’s excellent.

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