Salinas brings in military to advise on counter-insurgency tactics against gangs

Salina homicides and shootings 2009. By KSBW
Salinas homicides and shootings 2009. By KSBW

The homicide rate in Salinas is three times that of L.A. and local police are clearly overwhelmed by warfare between the major and powerful Hispanic gangs of La Familia and the Mexican Mafia. So they’re bringing in US military experts in counterinsurgency.

Global Guerrillas / Lind

From the perspective of 4GW theory, this is an important development. The Naval Postgraduate School is a DOD institution, part of the U.S. government. Its involvement in Salinas marks the federal government’s formal recognition of Fourth Generation war on American soil, and the need for a “national model” to counteract it.


[Major James M.] Few, a veteran of three Iraq tours, said in an interview that he sensed in the grievances of poor Latinos some of the air of disenfranchisement Sunnis felt toward the Iraq government dominated by Shiites. In a visit to the Salinas courthouse, he watched a gang member charged with fighting who appeared almost eager to get to jail.

“What was strange was the look on his face was very similar to a bunch of the insurgents we’d captured” in Diyala province, Few said. “Stone-cold face. Eyes are very deep set and very cold. It’s one of defiance, almost.”

So far, the military is in an advisory role only. One wonders how long that will last.

Comment on GG

The downside,gangs will get their own ‘vets’ who will counter the cop vets..
..and the race war will commence,where no quarter will be granted on either side.. The ‘black flag’ will fly…
oh well…

We’re crossing a Rubicon here.

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