Afghanistan: Obama to escalate while talking “exit”


Gee, where have we heard that before?

(For you youngsters out there, that’s Lyndon B. Johnson, the President who campaigned as the “peace candidate” against “war-hawk” Barry Goldwater, while escalating American troop levels from 16,000 to 550,000.)

Yes, given that sending lots of troops into Afghanistan hasn’t worked before then certainly sending still more troops will produce a different result this time. Right.

A Tale of Two Quagmires

Shorter: “You’ve got to get in or get out. Get in, you’re gonna lose. Get out, you’re a pussy.”

It’s kinda like losing a bet on a ball game and then losing it again on the replay. Stupid.

Gosh, maybe Country Joe had the answer to that. “There’s plenty good money to be made / By supplying the army with the tools of the trade.”

Meanwhile, military suicides are rising alarmingly fast. “Maybe wars that never seem to really end has something to do with it.”

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