Socialist left distinguishes itself by continued irrelevance and purges

This time it was SWP in Britain who purged Clare Solomon, apparently for thought crimes that led to traitorous behavior. As one who was purged from a far left US Marxist grouplet a few years back, I can sympathize. The process is jolting. But then you realize those comrades weren’t really ever friends or even comrades. Extremist ideologues put politics before friendship, before most anything really. So the alleged comradeship is basically bogus as it is based on you following the party line. Solomon will probably find she is much better off having left them all behind.

She may also find that such groups have been play-acting at revolution. Their leaders have no real interest in genuine class struggle because that would mean loss of control over their micro-fiefdoms. How does one explain the almost universal failure by such parties to do anything coherent about the current crisis of capitalism, a crisis they’ve waited for decades to occur?

But now that the crisis is here, they are doing virtually nothing about it and instead are studiously ignoring it, often focusing on other issues. Such groups did huge organizing for Iraq War protests. But now that we have a genuine crisis, their response has been crickets. Like I said, they play-act at revolution. When the opportunity for real mass struggle finally happens, they are AWOL. Maybe some have been corrupted by the government and their own ideological blinders and thus serve to take genuine protest and defuse it, rendering it useless. Or maybe a righteous purge is such jolly good fun they forget all about the revolution they fantasize about leading.

When I was in that party they used to talk about when the capitalist crisis came, as surely it must, that by God (well, they would have said ‘by God’ if they weren’t all atheists) they would be ready to lead the people to overthrow capitalism. All two hundred of them. A chihuahua has deluded itself into thinking it is a wolf.

I know, I’ve pounded on this before. But it’s not just one party. This failure of will and action is happening in multiple far left parties in multiple countries. Why? I really want to know. Because the left needs real organizers now. And they aren’t there.