Dead Battery of the Decade Award: Alan Greenspan

Wall Street Cheat Sheet gives this prestigious award to the man who without him, the financial collapse could not have happened – Alan (“I heart Ayn Rand”) Greenspan.

The video explains that Ayn Rand would have detested what Greenspan did, as he was constantly meddling with the markets and never allowed the destructive side of capitalism to smash weak businesses so new and presumably better ones could be born.

Greenspan used Randian philosophy (but not its practice) as a cover for an elite oligarchy to steal from the rest of us. He is no champion of capitalism or of democracy but the precursor and enabler of the current parasitical investment banks who continue to loot as they destroy the economy.

And he doesn’t care if everyone else suffers and neither do they. The banks need to be shattered into pieces and the financial records of their executives pored over to determine if they committed indictable offenses.

Then maybe this country will start to get back on track.