Where criminals are still free and desperately arguing for a continued coverup of their crimes:

I’m not amused that the Wall Street Journal solicited an op-ed attacking the decision to try KSM in civilian court from one of the  people–John Yoo–with the biggest conflict on such a decision. It’s yet more proof that Rupert Murdoch is engaged in a partisan pursuit, even with the WSJ.

But I am amused at the way John Yoo dismantles his own argument.

Where people are starving while some of the worst people people in this nation still have it made:

The “economy” isn’t what its all about. Stock prices can rise, Goldman Sachs can give out bonuses galore, productivity can shoot through the roof, but until we start getting people back their jobs — good paying jobs — we are headed to Nowheresville. And for millions of people that means they go not only without work, but WITHOUT ENOUGH FOOD (and, yes, some things do require all caps):

WASHINGTON — The number of U.S. households that are struggling to feed their members jumped by 4 million to 17 million last year, as recession-fueled job losses and increased poverty and unemployment fueled a surge in hunger, a government survey reported Monday.

These “food-insecure” households represent about 49 million people and make up 14.6 percent, or more than one in seven, of all U.S. households. That’s the highest rate since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began monitoring the issue in 1995. Additionally, more than one-third of these struggling families — some 6.7 million households, or 17.2 million people last year — had “very low food security,” in which food intake was reduced and eating patterns were disrupted for some family members because of a lack of food.

This is something the likes of Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh with all their talent on loan from Satan will never understand, nor likely care about. After all, the gull enough people into listening to them babble lies and cry on cue and scream racially divisive rants into their microphones, (or make senior executives of major media outlets so sick of their bile that they throw millions of dollars at them just to go away and not to work) not to have to concern themselves with the needs of “people looking for government handouts” (to use their own words).

Where you have to sue the government of the people, by the people, for the people so the people won’t all perish:

The environmental groups had sued EPA, arguing it had a duty to step in under the federal Clean Water Act. They argued the Florida Department of Environmental Protection hadn’t complied with a 1998 EPA decision that states should set numerical limits for nutrients in farm and urban runoff.

That pollution has been blamed for causing algae blooms in Florida’s inland and coastal waters. The environmentalists’ lawyers showed Hinkle poster-size photos of waterways clogged with lime-green scum.

“It’s so serious that it’s harmful for people to have human contact, dangerous for your pets to drink, shuts down drinking water plants,” environmental lawyer David Guest said after the hearing. “It’s a threat to the tourism industry. It’s a threat to waterfront property values.”

Where even the homeless can get evicted:

“I have no idea where I am going to go,” Whited said as he packed the stakes and poles for his tent and rolled up his sleeping bag. “If I had a place to go all this time, I certainly wouldn’t be here.”

He had been at the riverbank for two months. He said an antibiotic-resistant staph infection earlier this year put him in the hospital for two weeks and cost Whited his job and his house. From there, he and his girlfriend, Amy — who would give only her first name — stayed with friends until finally settling at the St. Johns River in September. They stayed at a small spot just off the trail when the encampment was at its peak, with 250 other homeless people.

Reacting to property owner complaints and concerns about unsanitary conditions in the area, county officials moved to disband the camp Oct. 8. Eviction notices were served a week later.

Where war and oppression are both imported and exported.

Welcome to Dystopia.

A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia,kakotopia, cackotopia, or anti-utopia) is the vision of a society in which conditions of life are miserable and characterized by poverty, oppression, war, violence, disease, pollution, nuclear fallout and/or the abridgement of human rights, resulting in widespread unhappiness, suffering, and other kinds of pain.

The landfill of polluted politics, discourse, justice, rights, water and land that Conservative America built for us all to live in, if we we can actually find a place to live and don’t die trying to do just that.

Gonna do something about it all? Even if it is just to vent.

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