Dumb and Dumber

Yesterday I came across this video on You Tube of a young man named Robert Erickson giving a speech at a Minnesota Tea Party Against Amnesty. Erickson is introduced as a resident concerned about illegal immigration. He says the usual litany of complaints about immigrants: they steal our jobs, they stress our infrastructure, they tax our overburdened system.  As he rails against immigrants, though, you begin to see that he’s not talking about the usual suspects here. He mentions the murderous spread of small pox which led to the deaths of “millions of Americans.” He then asks the crowd if they are with him. They enthusiastically shout, “Yes!” And Erickson follows it up by yelling, “Let’s send these European immigrants back where they came from!”  The crowd goes right along with it, enthusiastically chanting “Columbus go home!”

If were good little Leftists were supposed to see this as an affirmation of just how stupid right-wingers are.

But then there’s this video by Penn and Teller in which they get Leftists to sign a petition banning water. And if you’re a good little right-winger you’ll see that as an affirmation of just how stupid people on the Left are.

With all the problems were are facing I think it’s time to move beyond such infantile discourse. It’s not hard to make people look stupid. These two videos prove that. But it is hard to find common ground and build real grass roots movements that will affect real and lasting change. We need to start taking each other seriously.