Biting off your nose – News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch

News Corp. stares at forces they do not understand and can not control
News Corp. stunned by forces they do not understand and can not control

Adam Hartung details why.

There is no changing the shift to on-line news readership.

Google doesn’t need the News Corp. newspaper output to succeed as a search engine nor News Corp’s pages for its ad placement business.

Mr. Murdoch said in the article “I don’t believe the media industry can continue to exist in this way.” He’s right. Media companies are going through a major market shift. But trying to walk away from the #1 search engine and #1 ad placement company is —– foolish.

News Corp. needs Google way more than Google needs News Corp. But we’ll probably have to put up with an ill-tempered dinosaur called News Corp. trashing around in its death throes, litigating because it no longer knows how to innovate. I mean, they bought MySpace early on. They could have owned social networking. But they blew it, probably because they really don’t understand how that Internet thing works. So they’ll probably try a desperation move, like licensing Bing to have their content. But this will just be a stop-gap measure. Dinosaurs don’t understand comets.

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