Shoot the fat guys, hang the smokers

This excerpt is from email to Joe Bageant (who is probably a small “s” socialist) about WTF is up with lefties having a religious crusade against smokers and overweight people, using that as metaphor for the unfortunate tendency of lefties to preach to the underclass and working class about what is best for them.

I don’t see how punishing smokers, many of whom have been dedicated and effective “members” of the Left, throughout their lives, is responding to cries of help from those who most desperately need it. I don’t see how punishing fat people fits into this framework, either.

Bageant responds

Given the afore named virtues and qualities possessed by most lefties, they are convinced they know everything about the people around them and what is best for everyone else. People should not own guns, or eat meat, wear fur or shop at WalMart. They should be able to obtain abortion on demand and pot should be legal. Maybe so, but those who do not agree will never be convinced of that by people they will never meet, but who insist upon calling them “sheeple” and “‘Merkins” on the Internet and in other public venues.

Or worse, giggling as they call them “trailer trash,” thinking themselves to be oh so clever when doing so.

There are a million ways to be smug and the American left holds the copyright on three quarters of them. Down inside most lefties feel superior to the majority of Americans for the simple reason that they are indeed superior. Morally superior (at least in the justice sense), intellectually and politically superior too, if you exclude every member of the Democratic Party. However, the American left is void of compassion, the thing that is at the very heart of the true left the world round. And by true left I mean the people dying for the cause in places we never heard of and never will.

Maybe this explains why the American far left has been so asleep during the current economic crisis. Many of them, despite their pretensions about serving the working class, are middle-class, mostly well-off, and thus insulated from the worst of the crisis. And their contempt for the white working class is obvious and pervasive.

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