Has Black Sun Gazette outdone Jim Kunstler in Dark Apocalypse forebodings?

Did someone order an apocalypse?
Did someone order an apocalypse?

Black Sun Gazette.

As Ragnarok Approaches (that’s the final destruction of the world)

Capitalism is dying. Industrialization is dying. The suburbs of today will become the slums of tomorrow. There will be an energy apartheid. People will form tribal communities out of necessity and life will go on, but it will be extremely difficult. We will be faced with challenges we never thought possible. We will be working harder than we ever thought possible. Murder, disease, starvation, rape and cruelty will be part of everyday life during the worst part of the transition from the modern world to re-primitivization. Death will be all around us, and we will have no one to rely on but ourselves. Physically, emotionally and spiritually we will be pushed to the absolute limit.

Is Jim Kunstler on the ropes? You decide.

The Fate of the Yeast People (that’s us.)

What will happen to the yeast people of the USA? You can be sure that the outcome will not yield to “policies” and “protocols.” The economy that produced all that amazing wealth is contracting, and pretty rapidly, too, and the numbers among the yeast will naturally follow the downward arc of the story. Entropy is a harsh mistress. In the immediate offing: a contest for the table scraps of the 20th century. We’ve barely seen the beginning of this, just a little peevishness embodied by yeast shaman figures such as Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. As hardships mount and hardened emotions rise, we’ll see “the usual suspects” come into play: starvation, disease, violence. We may still be driving around in Ford F-150s, but the Pale Rider is just over the horizon beating a path to our parking-lot-of-the-soul.

OTOH, Europe survived the Black Death and most anything compared to that is a walk in the park… Also, is trying to scare people silly an effective motivator for action? I think not.

But if it’s apocalypse you want, then don’t mess with either of these two. Instead, just invoke Cthulhu.