DSP merges with Socialist Alliance in Australia. Could break leftie logjam there

Dave Riley certainly hopes so, and he was a founding member of the Democratic Socialist Perspective 37 years ago.

I think the merging of the DSP into the SA … is an efficacious means to break the political logjam that bears down upon the socialist left in this country. In effect, what the DSP has decided is to go for broke with its commitment to the Alliance.

To this outsider, this move seems courageous and needed. May other left groups consider doing the same, joining forces and working together.


  1. This was the procedure in Scotland which saw the creation of the Scottish Socialist Party . But more relevant to today, is the merging of the Ligue communiste révolutionnaire in the New Anti-Capitalist Party . In the United States I’d estimate that what needs to happen is for the International Socialist Organization the adopt this orientation and they won’t do that , I’m sure, unless — or until — it is proven that it works elsewhere.

    Give\ the challenge another year or so and the climate may change sharply. There are debates in many countries about this: about electoral coalitions, fusions, alliances, etc. There si no way to hold back the tide of change ion this matter.

    • Doug Henwood just said in comments on Facebook that he heard ISO has decided, in the middle of this huge capitalist crisis, to focus on LGBT rights. Which is good for LGBT rights but I’m baffled by the far left here in the States doing little if anything on the economic crisis.

      Meanwhile right libertarian blogs like Zero Hedge are genuinely pissed, doing amazing investigative reporting, and drawing real blood.

      I can’t imagine PSL merging with anyone, or SWP, for that matter.

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