Another day, another billion dollar investment scam

An alleged fraud in Florida by lawyer Scott Rothstein may have exceeded $1 billion.

Are You Sure Honest Folks Do It This Way
(Apologies to Waylon Jennings who, while he may have been an outlaw, was certainly an honorable one)

It’s the same old game, fixing and grifting
Where do we take it from here
Phony stocks and new Ponzi schemes
We’ve been the same way for years
We need to change

Somebody told me when I got to Wall Street
Son you finally got it made
Thugs make it here, we’re all sure that you will
But I don’t think the honest do it this way
I don’t think the honest do it this way

Ten years down the road, making shit up
Thieving my young life away
Tell me one more time just so I understand
Are you sure the honest done it this way
Do honest folks really do it this way?

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