Investment banks as economic parasites

And I’m telling you
It can’t happen here
Oh darling, it’s important that you believe me
(bop bop bop bop)
That it can’t happen here

Anatomy of an economic parasitic. The Times talks with the gray men of Goldman Sachs. Remember: When the loyalty of the USSR’s elites (the bureaucracy or nomenklatura) shifted to local interests that directly interacted with global markets (using the remains of the state as tradable commodities), the Soviet Union collapsed (it wasn’t due to US defense spending, LOL).

The parasites need to be defanged, before they get private armies. Whoops, there I go again, engaging in paranoid hyperbole. Our economy is on the road to recovery, the Fed told us so. There’s just no chance things could collapse like in the USSR, right? It can’t happen here.