The global warming “hoax” is two centuries old

Two years before Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, a French mathematician and physicist discovered what we now call “the greenhouse effect.”

[John] Tyndall was an Irish physicist who is credited with proving way back before our Civil War began that “carbon dioxide and water vapour were particularly good at blocking heat radiation, and that it was these gases that were responsible for absorbing most of the heat trapped by the atmosphere.”

This just proves how fiendishly clever those global warming wackos are. Truly, this is a monstrous conspiracy, spanning the globe as well as centuries too.

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  1. I’m not sure if “discover” is applicable. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Tyndall and Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier were Masons. Illuminated, therefore part of a conspiracy two, perhaps ten, thousand years on. [queue Twilight Zone theme] The “discovery” is more the likely the dissemination of relevant information to processing units sufficiently evolved to accurately process the information. Or a slip of the tongue.

    On a global, a geological, timescale, the science is not without relevant precedence. It’s happened before, and the planet will survive. Lost in the argument over who or what is responsible and what can be done to stop it (nothing) is the very really need to prepare for it. Mitigate, perhaps even profit.

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