Marijuana growers upend hard-luck California town

It’s not a subculture here,” said Barnett, who heads the Mountain Valley Unified School District. “Marijuana is drying in their houses. It’s falling out of their pockets.”

It’s capitalism in action, but on the other hand…


  1. What are Old Loggers to do? It’s another interesting repetition of my grandparents’ history, seventy, eighty and ninety years ago – chronic unemployment, far more social unrest than generally understood, and prohibition equaling capitalism in action indeed. Demand and supply. In a case of where two out of three is in fact bad, The Pacific Northwest – or, more accurately, Southern Cascadia – has a long history of both chronic unemployment and far more social unrest than generally understood. Some might see it as an “independent streak”, but being practical it’s really more about self-sufficiency, sustenance and sustainability… huntin’ and fishin’, growin your own food.

    As one of those Old Loggers put out of the woods twenty years ago by “hippie” social activists abhorrent of the harvest of timber, I find it ironic that whole communities have bounced back to the middle-class through embracing a decidedly “hippie” thing to do.

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