Hey, want to buy the Orange County Fairgrounds?


The State of California is selling the Orange County Fairgrounds in a frantic attempt to raise money to cover its ballooning deficit.

You can also buy a nice youth correctional facility in Whittier from the state. No word on whether the youth are still inside it or not. Perhaps it could be turned into a school. Given the fences and barbed wire around some schools here in southern California, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a learning facility and a prison anyway.

The California Department of Corrections, I’m told, just laid off 100 parole officers, leaving just 65. This on top of a push to release convicts early to save money. Let’s see, early release plus way over burdened parole officers. I’m guessing this won’t end well.

Houston is going bankrupt too, and doing fun things like putting money legally mandated for pensions into the general fund and spending it. This should keep battalions of lawyers busy for years to come.