Citigroup raises credit card interest to 29.99%. Greedheads or desperation move?

Mish details how the greedhead move by Citi (and other credit card companies, see the comments to the post) in raising credit card interest rates for many to 29.99% for no reason may be due to their deteriorating financial positions rather than their usual avarice and contempt for customers.

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  1. The comments over there are interesting, in particular the commenters trying to make sense of the move in terms of a larger/long-term plan: for example, that the CC companies may be trying to deleverage or deflate the whole system (lenders and debtors both) all at once for reasons that aren’t quite clear to me.

    All I can say is that they’re giving the CC companies too much credit (no pun intended). Nothing the creditors, or the banks, or Wall St. has done over the past decade and more has shown me that they have any ability to make decent long-term decisions. I think the answer is pretty simple: deteriorating financial positions + greed + impending credit card regulation = short-sighted stupidity. One of Mish’s links puts it this way:

    If this interest rate change prompts people to pay down just 25% of their credit card debt over two year’s time the impact on GDP simply from paying down the debt as opposed to holding it level will raise the impact to approximately 1.9% of GDP, or about $270 billion annually in foregone consumer spending. Good luck with your “recovery” thesis folks.


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