Informant in Galleon case lived in mansion, was sued for making maid work 90 hours a week for $1300 a month

Roomy Khan is the apparent informant in the Galleon / Rajaratnam insider trading case. She is doing so not doing so out of ethics, but to get a lesser charge on a multitude of felonies.

Until recently, she and her husband lived in a 9,000 sq ft home, had lots of money – and settled out of court after a 71 year old domestic worker sued them for being worked more than 14 hours a day, for days on end, for $1300 a month.

That’s the kind of human garbage we’re dealing with too often in these hedge fund cases – nasty, selfish thugs who don’t care who they exploit or how much damage they do as long as they get wealthier.

PS Galleon’s amazing Madoff-Like returns

Whether the market was up or down they cranked out 25% returns like they were printing money. It makes you wonder just how long these guys were trading on insider information?

I have run the risk adjusted returns on hundreds if not thousands of portfolios throughout my career and I have never seen numbers like these. NEVER.

Gauging from the returns I would be willing to bet the insider trading was going on for most of Galleon’s existence.

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