Maybe we could shoot the banksters into the air instead of anvils?

Paulson and Goldman met in secret in Moscow

This is rocketing around the web and it’s awesome and horrible at the same time and, of course, nothing will be done about it.

It goes without saying that when the Treasury Secretary meets privately with the board of a company like Goldman there are all sorts of improprieties to consider, but this is really nothing new — after all it’s already been reported that Paulson was in touch with Goldman quite a lot during he crucial periods of 2008.

Why Obama can not reform Wall Street. (Because he’s getting advice from the perps.)

Brokers indicted for $22 million fraud of oil company

(Of course, my whimsical jest about wanting to shoot banksters into the sky should not be construed as being an actual threat – no matter how much fun it might be – because that would be wrong. Instead, I’d prefer to see the guilty ones sent to prison after being convicted in fair and open trials.)