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  1. After weeks of hearing public health experts on NPR recommend that “everyone” get the H1N1 vaccine, I called my pharmacist to find out about it. The vaccine was due in this week. (And they’d only received half of the regular flu vaccine they ordered and had run out– I got one of the last seven doses at a doctor’s office.)

    This week I called again about the swine vaccine. Delivery has been delayed at least two weeks. The health department has a very limited supply and their voice mail message says they are only vaccinating “all children between six months and four years and children between four and eighteen with severe health problems.” No adults, even though I’m middle-aged and have a pacemaker. I’m “at risk,” but not “at risk” enough for the trickle of vaccine that’s available.

    Meanwhile swine flu cases have begun in our rural county, after appearing in numbers in nearby cities several weeks ago. The disease is here, whether or not the vaccine is!

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