All this anger against the rich may be unhealthy, whines the New York Times

bankster on worker

Signs of the coming class war are everywhere. Like this slimy New York Times op-ed bemoaning that the rich are becoming loathed, anguishing about the hideous unfairness of it all. It’s slimy because it deliberately ignores any genuine reasons why people could be angry and instead pretends to care for the them by suggesting their anger might just hurt them instead. Isn’t that touching? Apparently apologists for the current theftocracy have your interests at heart. That’s why they want you to shut up about loathing the banksters. Because the anger is your fault.

As class tensions in the US continue to increase, we’ll be seeing lots more such defenses of the status quo with deliberate evasion of fact and twisting of blame. Don’t believe them. Instead, realize it means they see the populist uprising coming.

Anger against the rich is indeed unhealthy. For the arrogant rich and the currently corrupt system they’ve profited from. The anger of course is specific to the corruption and greed on Wall Street. People aren’t mad at Bill Gates’ of the world because they understand people like him have created things of value. Excel has changed the planet. So has Windows. Seriously. Rather, the rage is aimed at banksters who contribute nothing, take much, poisoning and corrupting the system as they go.

A real good first start would be for the government to investigate the banksters for the obvious crimes many of them have no doubt committed, followed by prison and forfeiture of assets if they are convicted.

And as Alan Greenspan just said, Goldman Sachs should be broken into pieces.

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  1. Anger at the rich is unhealthy? I’d say not being able to afford health insurance is unhealthy. I’d say that losing your job thanks to the an unhealthy economy is unhealthy. I’d say that losing your home and living outdoors in a tent community is unhealthy. And I’d say that having lost your pension after having worked a lifetime to build it is unhealthy. All thanks to an orchestrated takeover of middle class assets by wealthy bankers.

    The only healthy response left for millions is the outrage they rightly feel toward these greedy banksters. Anger is good. Taking it bending over is not so good. You reap what you sow.

    And no, nobody is angry at Bill Gates. We can appreciate the difference between earned income and outright theft.

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