Micro solar thermal comes to the rooftop

will debut the world’s first concentrating solar power for rooftops at Solar Power International in Anaheim on Oct. 27. From their email press release –

At 8 feet long by 2.5 feet wide, [it] is perfect for quick and easy installation by local HVAC and Plumbing professionals. SopoFlare incorporates Sopogy’s proprietary “stow mode,” which enables the panel to flip upside down into a parked position in order to protect the optics from rain, hail and strong winds and to allow the system to be operated in harsh climate conditions. SopoFlare also features the unique ability to track the sun throughout the day using Sopogy’s proprietary automatic controllers.

SopoFlare is designed for use as a thermal energy generator that has the ability to create heat to power an absorption chiller, refrigeration unit, desalination production device and to create process heat or hot water.

Their video explains the basics of how solar thermal is used to create electricity.