Allen Stanford. His health has deteriorated after five months in prison

allen stanford perp walk

Stanford is awaiting trial and has not been convicted. Yet he was in a holding cell with eight others with no air conditioning in 100 degree heat for months, then got mauled in a fight, is in solitary now, and a few days ago was staring blankly and spitting blood into a cup while in court.

“They’re doing their best to break him,” [Stanford’s lawyer] said. “That’s the thing you thought they did in other countries. Now, we find out they do it here.”

He’s 6’6″, was in superb condition when he went into prison, could bench-press major weight, and was a black belt. (Sure, a prison fight is way different from sparring in a dojo, but still…) Yet five months later he appears to be a physical and mental wreck.

My personal belief is Stanford is probably guilty of multi-billion dollar fraud. The reality is that US prisons routinely are this bad to everyone in them. Maybe he’s being singled out for even worse treatment either by the guards or, hmmm, it’s been whispered he was laundering drug money, and the cartels certainly have their tentacles inside prisons too.

Winston Churchill said people should go to prison as punishment, not for punishment. I agree.

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  1. Stanford is being tortured and abused by a rogue government who can’t prove he ever ran a ponzi scheme. Whether they break him or kill him is unimportant as long as he can’t testify to proof he is not guilty of the charge. The US government, by the way, dropped the ponzi charge months ago because they can’t prove it however the damage is done. Approximately 4000 people lost their jobs. Investors were and are still being screwed by the receiver, representing the SEC who is selling assets for pennies on a dollar simply because he can. The missing money is probably in his bank account as he evidently answers to no one.
    Watch out America. They may be coming for you next.

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