Nation’s largest utility leaves US Chamber of Commerce because of their climate change denial

Exelon joins PG&E and NME in leaving the Chamber of Commerce over that organization’s recent complete denial that climate change is happening.

Leadership of the Chamber of Commerce appears to have been jacked by extremists who increasingly do not have support from their own members. They are now backpedaling furiously, pretending to be moderates.


  1. The C of C exists only for itself. Walking into a meeting of the board you find out instantly what it is like to be in a room full of egos. IMO they will bend in any direction that leads to the next big membership check.

  2. Of course these companies will bail on the Chamber of Commerce. They are nuclear power producers, they stand to earn billions from Cap&Trade and green tax credits. Nuclear is green now remember? So it makes complete sense that they would leave in protest, I would too if I had that much money to lose…I mean, they want to save the planet… ya, that’s it…

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