Artist portrays what he really thinks about Madoff

Chen Wenling. What You see Might Not Be Real

The sculpture “What You see Might Not Be Real,” by Chen Wenling, was displayed at a Beijing gallery Sunday. A bull, meant to represent Wall Street, is seen ramming the biggest con man of all time, Bernie Madoff, into a wall. Totally deserving, if you ask me.

The huge cloud coming out of the bull’s rear not only refers to the end of a greedy era, but also symbolizes the danger of virtual bubbles in international financial markets. In a society based on desire and money, some people choose to create many false impressions, while others sadly fall for them.


  1. I think it more accurately reflects what Wall Street and Madoff have done to the rest of us.

  2. A real story teller especially how the fuel for the bull is presented. Wonder if it is in smell-o-vison ?

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