On the G20 protests

From the comments on Lenin’s Tomb on their post about the G20 protests.

The level of repression displayed here is disturbing; including the use of experimental sonic weaponry and chemical weapons in an urban residential neighborhood.

But it really has to be said that this G20 Resistance video shows a small group of adventurists being recorded by an equal number of reporters and a probably larger number of military/police. Hurling a dumpster containing exactly what? at the police seems like a stupidly provocative act endangering anyone who was there just for a protest. May I suggest that the level of class struggle in this country is really not at this sort of confront-the-military level. This whole masked-youth confronting armored police at G20-no-matter-what-world-city has a ritual aspect to it that seems very far removed from real life.

Agreed. A few hundred anarchists rolling a dumpster at police just isn’t going to bring the State to its knees. Nice fantasy though, and watching the videos on YouTube is fun. But really, what was accomplished? The protesters had the usual mega-basket of demands, the media portrayed them as violent nihilists, rumors of police dressed as anarchists inciting the crowd spread like wildfire, the police went nuts and tear-gassed anything that moved. In the end, G20 wasn’t even slightly phased by the protests and the public, if they cared at all, was not siding with the protesters.

We need better, more focused ways of protesting. Because what we have now is choreographed ritual.