Further proof, if any be needed, of Obama CommunistNaziSocialist agenda


I’m shocked, shocked, to learn that the Democrat Party’s president, B. “Hussein” Obama, ate a hamburger while working at his desk, writing the speech he will use to brainwash American children. I learned of his dastardly behavior, much in line with all his activities since overturning the real American presidency last fall, from a blog on the Intertubes or, perhaps, from a neighbor’s cat.

This foreign-born so-called “president” couldn’t have shown more disrespect for American food, like pizza or tacos. We all know that hamburgers are named for the city, which I believe is in Germany or Australia, that spawned Hitler and the Nazi party and caused so much suffering in America and some other countries in the first World War. I can just imagine the glee with which B.O. sank his teeth into that communist sandwich.

Tragically, it appears that even McDonalds may have been infiltrated by the Hideous Obama Agenda, and they are using Ronald McDonald to spread their vile canards about affordable health care for all and a renewable energy economy. The only thing worse than that would be if McDonalds was using wussy French cheese rather than good ole processed American ‘cheese product.’

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