Stanford’s chief of security was a top DEA agent

Tom Raffanello was head of the DEA Miami office and led investigations against Noriega and the Medellin cartel. Then he went to work for Allen Stanford. Now he’s being indicted for ordering evidence to be shredded.

The comments at Clusterstock are illuminating.

Henry Blodget said:

There does seem to be quite a connection here. Combine this with the SEC’s mysterious abandonment of the investigation against him, and there are a lot of questions still to be answered.

Estoque said:

It’s something about that Stanford guy – would you buy a used car from him? There was a report that he was laundering the money of a big drug cartel, but no more about that now.

horace manoor said:

it’s not true that nobody’s looking over what federal agents do — they’re supposed to help the elite of washington & wall street rob the citizenry blind & they’re doing an outstanding job

Joe Dirt said:

I liked how this guy operated. Ex DEA scum bag, blood oaths. Is anyone working on a movie?

hisgirlfriday said:

Why is this surprising?

Before Manuel Noriega was a target of the DEA he was on the CIA payroll. I bet Stanford was as well.