Anti-abortion activist shot dead. It was political

Yes, the shooter is an apparent nut case, but aren’t they all?

Murdering someone in cold blood because you don’t like their political views is deranged and despicable.

Jim Pouillon, the murdered man, apparently was a peaceful pro-life protester who opposed violence as a solution to anything.

This is madness.


  1. I’m sorry our society has come to this. I feel for that man’s family. I do hope however that the pro-lifers get the message here. The Pro-Choicers have crazy people too and the lifer’s need to tone down their rhetoric and incitement of violence. They need to start having a civil dialog because where there is one there are others. The lifer’s don’t have a lock on murderous wing nuts.

    One of the pundits on NPR spoke to this in regards to Wilson. Both sides don’t debate the points of contention with each other anymore. It is all about demonizing your opponent.

  2. What’s more likely to happen is that this adds fuel to the demonizing fire. “How can you debate with your opponents when they’re killing you?” That pro-lifers have killed innocents too will of course be overlooked by conservatives, just as this wingnut (and the guy who bit off an anti-healthcare-reformist’s finger) will be overlooked as an aberration by liberals.

    Look at the history of almost any post-modern civil war and you’ll see this is how it starts. The only real debate is likely to be who killed who first.

    The really sad part is, the professional politicians know where our buttons are on both sides, and they’re pushing them just as fast and as hard as they can. As always, from their perspective this is about power, not ideology. Just like in the buildup to wars in Sri Lanka or Palestine or Iraq or a dozen other conflicts around the world, we’re dancing to their tune. How long before serious violence breaks out? And when it does, the only people who benefit are the politicians.

  3. “the lifer’s need to tone down their rhetoric and incitement of violence”? “Incitement of violence?” Where did you get that? Pro-lifers do not incite violence. That’s why we are pro LIFE!!! Of course, there are a few people who claim to be pro-life that shoot people and bomb abortion clinics and stuff, but they are most certainly not supported by pro-life organizations.

  4. Sure glad I don’t drink the water where “Ashely” lives.

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