Afghanistan and the socialist left

From Ex-punk, ex-Trot, current journalist David Osler

Ok, do you want to cheerlead the guys that throw acid in schoolgirls’ faces, or the men who killed dozens of Afghan civilians in an airstrike on two stolen fuel tankers last week? Hopefully, by the time you have finished this post, you will agree with me that such a proposition represents a false counterposition for the left.

One hopes so, because the left even having debates about whether to support thugs simply because they don’t like the US shows a determined, resolute attempt to remain marginalized and irrelevant. Drat that pesky reality. The facts must be made to fit our interpretation of what Marx said.

The realistic alternatives are decades of attrition or a negotiated withdrawal in favour of coalition government. We have been here many times before; that’s what former IRA leaders are doing in Stormont.