Rep. Joe “Liar” Wilson lies, says website is down for maintenance as of Wed. 10:30 pm PDT as of Wed. 10:30 pm PDT

First he calls Obama a liar during his health care speech and is forced to apologize. Now he lies and says his website is down for maintenance when it’s obvious it’s being deluged with angry comments.

What a loudmouthed, contemptible idiot. May he be forced to resign.


  1. Even if he’s not, his career in politics is over. No party is going to want him on their ticket next year, and nobody would vote for him if he were. It’s one thing to disagree with something. Quite another to be rude and heckle a speaker. But to do so on national television, when that speaker is the president of the United States? How may brain cells does it take to trigger that though that shouting then just might be a bad idea?

  2. It’s you who lack brain cells, fool.Bravo for Rep. Wilson. Obama is a liar and morever, a deranged Marxist who is turning the USA into a nanny state socialist 1884 type elitist dictatorship.It’s ok when you Dem leftists, Harry Reid, palosi et al called Bush a liar, a Hitler and responsible for everything from the weather to 9/11. Why don’t you grow up, you and your damn ilk. Obama is a liar and God bless Rep.Wilson. He had the balls to say what the vast majority of Americans are thinking. Stop drinking the Kool Aid, Fool.His website is down because of the legion of approval and financial support by good Americans like me. The website can’t handle it all.Read then delete, as I know you will, BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

    • “1884 type elitist dictatorship”?

      And John McCain would disagree with you, because he told Wilson to apologize. So did Republican leadership in Congress.

  3. Rope. Lamp-post. Solution.

    If ya’ ain’t wit us, ur agin us.

  4. And, uhhh… Fred, any time you’d care to step outside.

    My solution to your problem is final.

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