Obama. A major counter-attack coming?

This month is crucial. Yeah, he’s seemingly been getting hammered this past few weeks. But it was summer, and most people don’t pay much attention to politics until after Labor Day. So maybe he’s been playing rope-a-dope until summer ended.

My guess: We’ll see a series of initiatives, counter-offensives, and other such highly visible campaigns, especially on health care in the next few weeks coming from the White House, and the political landscape may well look quite different a month from now.

Van Jones. Most people even now don’t know who he was or what happened. It’s only the politicos on both sides who deeply care about it. But hey, former Maoist Truthers just don’t get much backing in DC, regardless of their green capitalist credentials now. And no, I don’t think it was much about race. He’d have gotten harpooned if he was white too. Just look at Bill Ayers…