Mousavi’s chief adviser and others arrested

They were part of Committee for the Tracking of Prisoners.

Enduring America says this could be the defining showdown.

Somebody very important has decided enough is enough with the pressure for enquiries into post-election Government activities, even if those enquiries were going to be defined tightly enough to limit the pressure on the system.

The only step up from this action is the arrest of leaders such as Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

Wish I could be optimistic here, but chances are high ranking members of the Iran opposition (who are ruling class themselves) will be jailed, tortured until they “confess,” then featured in Stalinist show trials.

The silence of the far left on this speaks volumes. I couldn’t find a peep about it on any of their sites. It’s because they’re conflicted about it. The usual rubbish about how Iran stands against imperialism has forced them into the bizarre and awkward position of having to support Iran. But they can’t say that publicly, so instead they are staying mute or sticking up a pretend fig leaf of how this should be up to Iranians and no one else.

Harry’s Place, commenting on other ongoing variants of  intellectual collapse of the far left.

The death agony of the far-left is utterly compelling isn’t it?