1. When will people learn? It doesn’t matter how righteous your cause or how valid your anger against historical and even current events, if you act or react in a violent way that does nothing but hurt innocent bystanders – you will not help your cause but hurt it instead. Beating up tourists and children just sends everyone the message that you are monsters and not worthy of respect or trust.

  2. But wait– let me speculate that the violence is committed by a few would-be leaders currently being ignored by their ownwould-be constiutency. This is generally how the cycle of violence creates benefits: outsiders DO start viewing that would-be constituency as “monsters not worthy of respect or trust.” Authorities react accordingly. And where can that now-discounted constituency turn except to the would-be leaders that started the violence in the first place?

    It happens all the time. And until we understand WHY it happens, we’ll never be able to react appropriately, much less prevent it.

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