The Polizeros prediction on Obama and health care

crystal ball

Obama is about the launch a major offensive on health care, will turn the debate around and get a decent bill passed. (Not great, but decent.)

As you may recall from the 2008 campaign, he likes to play rope-a-dope and exhaust his opponents. Just when you think he’s down and out, suddenly you realize he just popped ahead and knew exactly what he was doing all along.

So, I think that’s what’s happening here too.

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  1. I always keep the rope-a-dope in the back of my mind… But I still keep pounding away at the change we need and guard against any backsliding because that is just the prudent thing to do. Call me cynical, but I do not trust any of the members of the Democratic party to come through in the clutch given their past record.

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