The Sun UK to Gordon Brown. Don’t you know there’s a bloody war on?

The Sun UK. Bloody war on

The Sun, while hardly antiwar, hits PM Brown upside the head, saying the Afghanistan war is incompetently run.

The 207 faces of our Afghanistan dead are stark reminders of the bloody war we are fighting.

Each represents a sacrifice made for democracy and freedom in the name of Britain. Yet, to its shame, our Government doesn’t seem to want to face up to the fact we are in the middle of a savage conflict.

Our leaders are pretending the war isn’t happening. Today, The Sun asks the Government and Gordon Brown: Where is your leadership?

As the hearses carrying our heroes are saluted in silent Wiltshire streets, Mr Brown and his ministers are missing in action.

There is an air of unreality in the country. While Our Boys are dying, a fool who is out of his depth and with little experience is in charge of defence.

Why are no US newspapers this bold and uncompromising?