Automate putting blog content onto social networking sites


How to get your blog content onto Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed using free services.

I had been using the excellent and free Twitterfeed to autopost to Twitter but just switched to WP to Twitter, a WordPress plugin. Here’s why. Twitterfeed reads the Polizeros RSS feed and takes about first 120 characters of new posts, adds a tiny URL, then posts it on Twitter. This often results in truncated posts that break in the middle of a sentence because everything has to fit into 140 characters. Sometimes the meaning isn’t clear, and plus it looks autoposted. With WP to Twitter, when I create the post for Polizeros, I tell it exactly what to post to Twitter. While this may take a little extra time, the result is that Twitter posts now are full sentences with no truncation and thus are much more understandable. I can also tell it not to post to Twitter, which can be handy.

Once a post is on a social networking site, you can configure other such sites to autopost from it. For example, I have Friendfeed configured to autopost from Twitter. (In fact, they both autopost from each other, and don’t duplicate content either.) One important thing. If I post to Friendfeed first, the link that the autpost to Twitter has will be the Friendfeed link, not original link to here. However, if I post to Twitter first, the Friendfeed autopost link will be Polizeros link. This is what you want. So post to Twitter first.

I also have Facebook configured so status messages (and nothing else) get posted to Friendfeed, then Twitter.

You can also use Posterous to post wherever you want via email. If I take a photo on my iPhone, then email it to, it gets posted onto Posterous and also Facebook. It will repost to multitude of services.

TweetLater allows you to publish to Twitter in the future, say one post a day for two weeks, that sort of thing.

BTW, Google Profile is a great place to list all your sites as a reference for others. Here’s mine.