To lefties who support Iran against the protesters because the US must have been interfering somehow

Iran’s supreme leader disagrees with you.

“I do not accuse the leaders of the recent incidents to be subordinate to the foreigners, like the United States and Britain, since this issue has not been proven for me,” said Ayatollah Khamenei, in a statement read out on Iranian television.

For the rest of you wondering what this is about, some of the more extremist factions on the left have supported the government of Iran against the protestors based on their dual delusions that the US must have caused the protests and that the enemy of an enemy is a friend.

In their pinhead black and white world, the government of the US is always responsible for any mischief in the world, and therefore must have fomented the protests against the noble torturers and thugs of the Iran government (who of course stand boldly against imperialism, can’t forget that, now can we?) Apparently Iranians are not capable of thinking and acting for themselves and are mere puppets dancing on a string controlled afar from Washington D.C. (Hey, isn’t a view like that actually kind of insulting and racist?) Those who are getting raped and tortured in Iranian prisons for peacefully protesting against a rigged election are no doubt thankful for such lefties solidarity and defense of freedom.

Really, it’s better not to be a pinhead. The Ramones wouldn’t steer you wrong


  1. Leftists are not “pinheads” for defending the Iranian election results and denouncing the petty-bourgeois demonstrations. The facts state that Ahmadinejad had 2 to 1 support from the Iranian people prior to the election. Most of the poor and rural Iranians, which are the majority, appreciate the subsidies and programs provided under Ahmadinejad’s regime. The fact is, despite his reactionary views on social issues, Ahmadinejad does more for the poor than any of the pro-U.S. regimes in the Middle East.

    To claim that there is a “progressive” character to the demonstrations is to play into the hands of the U.S. bourgeoisie. It is shameful that so-called Leftists are reiterating the same claims of the Pentagon and the misnamed National Endowment for Democracy!

    • God forbid you should ever be on the same side as the US in anything. Much better to support thugs who steal elections, then rape and torture peaceful protesters.

      It’s precisely that type of pinhead thinking that has made the hard left the insignificant entity that it is today.

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