Regulatory crackdown on Goldman begins

SEC gets a hot lead about Goldman Sachs

SEC gets a hot lead about Goldman Sachs

Regulators are finally starting to investigate our favorite vampire squid. Zero Hedge wonders why it’s taken so long.

Can someone please explain how FINRA and the SEC would actually chase the perpetrators of market injustice if it wasn’t for the occasional articles in the mainstream media and the blogosphere providing them with the blueprints from A to Z of exactly how the big, “entrenched” firms game the “efficient” markets day in and day out?

Because too many of those working for such agencies are just using it as a springboard to a high paying job in the financial sector? So of course they won’t investigate too much. Or is the lobbyists and spreading around money that buys silence from Congress? Gosh, so much compromise, so few ethics.

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