The Hartford Courant loses its last shred of dignity

Because of course, any of their journalists who exposes problems at one of their biggest advertisers needs to be fired.

The Courant has been circling the drain for a few years now while Hartford has been spiraling down for decades. (I grew up near Hartford and we lived near there in 2006.)

The Courant started in 1764 and is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country. Back in the day it was a fine paper too. Then Sam Zell bought it along with the L.A. Times when he purchased teh Tribune. Their home page now is mostly ads, thinly disguised ads, fluffy content, with a random hard news story tossed in every now and then. At least the L.A. Times still sometimes has seriously good investigative reporting.

The one true gem at the Courant is columnist Colin McEnroe. Long may he thrive.