Unemployment benefits running out for many in Inland Empire

benefits paid to unemployed in Inland Empire

From The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, CA

The Inland Empire area of southern California has gotten clobbered by the real estate crash. Now unemployment benefits are about to run out for many.

At the end of July there were just 121 people in San Bernardino County and Riverside County who had exhausted their benefits. That number is expected to rise to a staggering 22,500 by the end of the year.

I was at a large meeting recently in L.A. with people I’ve known for years. Several said they were on the verge of losing their homes. This has never happened before.

It’s getting scary out there.


  1. There’s more, much more, to come, as unemployment rises businesses continue to crumble bring about more unemployment and so the circle goes on.

  2. It’s time to find a job, people. They are out there. Just not at the rates you used to get paid to do. It’s time to stop expecting that you can buy every smart electronic product on the market. Times are tough. Get over it.

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