The Notorious CEO: Ten startup commandments from Biggie Smalls

the notorious big

From his Ten Crack Commandments, about how to be a drug dealer. But the rules can apply elsewhere too.

Here’s a few.

Number two: never let ’em know your next move
Always good advice.

Number six: that credit”¦ forget it
Don’t give credit. It’ll slow you down.

Number ten: consignment [is] not for freshmen
Absolutely. Back in the bad old days I knew a dealer who got fronted drugs by his supplier. Got robbed of his money and drugs at gunpoint twice in his home. Not sure if he ever did figure out who did it. I did.. Update: Sue just called, said I was a noodlehead and please read what I said. I now hasten to say that I did NOT do it, and it is obvious that his supplier did.

The Metric System details the rules and how they apply to business in general.