Systematized rape of protesters in Iran prisons

The reports of the deliberate, repeated rape of prisoners in Iran to destroy them mentally and emotionally is now coming from multiple, reliable sources.

What they were doing at Kahrizak, was they would choose the spirited detainees who were resisting them and by raping them they wanted to break them from pursuing justice and freedom, they wanted to break them so bad that these youngsters would become depressed and even hate themselves.

An Iranian-American who phones friends in Iran by Skype for several hours a day told me that a mother and grandmother who are on the side of the government yelled at Basij to stop beating a peaceful protester, and then got beaten unmercifully. Many of these thugs are teenage Basij who were raised inside this religious extremist paramilitary cult as preteens and know no other way of life. One of those beating the grandmother was obviously mentally handicapped and kept beating the women with a club even after the others told him to stop.

And what are the Galloways, Yvone Ridleys and the SWP oinks going to say now? That the rapists were justified because they were working class kids who were raping ‘rich North Tehran kids’?

Showing their complete irrelevance and moral myopia, I’d say.

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  1. It is sad how many people criticize religion in the USA but are willing to show support for a brutal Islamic theocracy because of their “anti-imperialism”. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.

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