Uber-geek Robert Scoble on Facebook buying FriendFeed


This is Facebook firing a shot at Google, not at Twitter. Twitter is mere collateral damage but Facebook knows the real money in real time is in search. FriendFeed has real time search. Google does not (although it’s bootstrapping there very fast, some of my FriendFeed items are showing up in Google within seconds now). Facebook has 300 million users. FriendFeed and Twitter do not. Google has Wave coming, along with some other things this fall and that forced a shotgun marriage between FriendFeed and Facebook.

Another major reason they bought it was because of the brilliant, innovative FriendFeed R&D department. They want to use them to develop features for Facebook too.

I’m happy to see FriendFeed get a major lease on life. It allows you to aggregate blog posts, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, whatever, into one place. Plus – and this is a very big plus -, it has robust commenting and lots more too.

I’m Polizeros on FriendFeed.

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  1. I think Facebook has bitten off more than it can chew.

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