Rent plastic moving boxes instead of buying cardboard

RentaGreenBox manufactures plastic moving boxes from recycled trash found in landfills. When you’re moving, just tell them how many boxes you need. They deliver, then pick them up after you move. In trucks powered by biofuel, no less.

Not only is this way environmentally cool, they claim it saves money. For example, you can rent 50 boxes (in your mix of three sizes) for $199 for two weeks. That’s probably a savings over the cost of 50 cardboard boxes in mixed sizes. Of course, you don’t get to keep them. But they are made of hard plastic and have carrying handles, which makes them better than cardboard. For one thing, they’ll stack much easier.

This is a genuinely innovative idea. Sue & I have moved three times in 28 months. Hard plastic moving boxes that you can rent are definitely something we’d consider when moving.


  1. Using reusable moving boxes made from recycled plastic is an idea whose time has come and one I passionately believe in. I first used plastic boxes during a personal move in the early 2000’s while I was running an award winning web based organic grocer. We used these boxes to transport fresh produce and groceries and I knew they would also work perfectly for my move. It was only later after I sold my company to North America’s largest organic home delivery company that I had the epiphany of turning my moving idea into a business which would not only simplifying the moving process, but significantly reduce all the waste created by cardboard boxes. The company I launched, ZippGo, rents reusable moving boxes for residential and business moves in the San Francisco Bay Area using trucks powered by biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil. With all the requests for our service from outside our delivery area we are putting together plans for expansion in major cities around the US. You can get more information about our company and services on our website at


    Ash Sud
    ZippGo Founder
    (800) 723-7017

  2. Thanks for the cool post and if you are not located in Orange County or Los Angeles, there’s over 22 other companies that are capitalizing on my proven success and business model which is a win for you and our environment! The less cardboard that enters our landfills the better for our ecology, environment and economy.

    Here’s a few links about Rent-A-Green Box and what we have created over the past 5 years and 138,000 deliveries. Simply put, we are in business to help you and your organization pack and move without trashing the planet.

    As for expansion, we have 12 locations underway now and 3 international markets open, so drop us a note if you think you should a Rent-A-Green Box in your town and we’ll explore the opportunities with you!

    Again, it’s good to be green and the first Zero Waste packing and moving solution in America!

    Sincerely Green

    Spencer Brown
    Founder and Chief Tree Hugger Rent-A-Green Box
    Inventor of the Recopack


    2009 California State Small Business Award Winner

    2008 California Govenor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award Winner

    It’s Easy Being Green:

  3. Who *buys* cardboard boxes? My local market gives used ones away for free– and if you recycle them afterward, you’ve not only saved a tree, but avoided the use of plastic made from fossil fuels, with no increase in waste or production.

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