Yes, the elites are stealing from you

Eh, the bigger they are, the harder they fall (New York Magazine image)
Eh, the bigger they are, the harder they fall (New York Magazine image)

New York Magazine joins the pile on against Goldman. They closely examine how Goldman got paid billions by the Feds when AIG failed, ordered by a former CEO of Goldman. Any questions? Lots more too.

Masters of the Universe don’t give a rat’s ass if you like them or not. Specifically we’re talking about Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, here.

FGG’s Piedrahita so sorry about blowing client money with Madoff he bought a $30 million yacht. Plus, he seems intent on giving everyone the finger too, which might be a dumb idea considering there are some quite wealthy folks with murky backgrounds whose money he vaporized.

Politics in the Zeros is one of the few blogs on the left that consistently blogs about the financial crises, and we’ve done so for several years. People tell me they appreciate it. I’m baffled why more lefties don’t do the same. Too often, left coverage on the financial crisis consists of tedious boilerplate about why Capitalism is Bad with little attempt to understand it any deeper.

I mean, hello? Not only is there a full-tilt crisis of capitalism going on, it’s also achingly obvious that the elites are pillaging, stealing, and do not care about anyone but themselves. You’d think revolutionary leftie parties would see this as manna from heaven and be out there organizing the masses. But they aren’t.

Hard core lefties often are superb organizers. But they’ve been more comatose about the financial crisis than federal government regulators. Why is this?

It’s been financial blogs, often with a libertarian bent, that have been first, early, and right about what’s going on. And they’ve been outraged. Calculated Risk and Mish led the charge on subprime. Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism on the bankers. But the hard left, who you might think would see this as a golden opportunity to organize, have seemingly been oblivious, almost disinterested. This is beyond odd.